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AMAZING PODCAST, ALSO FOR THE MEN!                                                GERMANY

Absolutely one of my favourite podcasts out there! Very professional and interesting topics.

To my fellow lads: Listen to this! Learn, overcome, adapt, improve. Listen to the insides told by these girls and take some learnings from it.

Plus: If you like a British accent, this is a must!!

FUNNY & WITTY!                                                                                   UNITED STATES

The podcast is such a great outlet during this pandemic, thankful for the laughs and entertainment it brings!! Lovely gals.

GOOD LISTEN.                                                                                      UNITED STATES

I’m married with kids. But I like hearing how things are now in the dating world so I

can still give good relevant advice when friends ask for it. And you girls do cover a

lot of hood points. And some points of view I’ve never considered.

NOT GETTING DUMPED NEXT TIME                                                              NORWAY

Best podcast to hear about modern day dating! I’m a boy but the podcast truly gives insight to what I should avoid to not get dumped hehe

HILARIOUSLY GREAT PODCAST                                                      UNITED KINGDOM

Such a funny podcast and I’m sure relatable to everyone in one way or another! Well worth a listen! Great work 🙌🏻

INCREDIBLE                                                                                     UNITED KINGDOM

What an amazing podcast which offers empowering advice and sums up modern day life! Allows you to get rid of lots of modern day negative energy and leaves you with lots of positive energy!

YOU'VE THOUGH IT, THEY SAY IT!                                                               GERMANY

Everyone knows the struggles of dating, finding new friends and significant others. Anything that goes through your mind in the process, all those questions to the best friend about whether or not it’s just you who’s going crazy - Kitty and Francesca say it out loud and share lots of thoughts that are not only relatable but true!! I love this podcast and would recommend everyone to give it a listen to take their piece of advice away from it. keep going ladies :)


Anyone who is in need of a little relationship advice (and isn’t that all of us!) should listen and learn (and laugh!) The two women debate the issues of modern dating with insight, sensitivity and great humour. They are not afraid to disagree with each other and give a very balanced and varied view. Whatever your approach to dating you can relate and learn something new at the same time. Once you listen to the first podcast you will find you will just want to keep on listening.

HILARIOUS                                                                                      UNITED KINGDOM


This is such a relatable yet funny podcast. There is a good balance between discussing serious matters and joking around. I would definitely recommend this podcast to my friends of a similar age to me (20s). Overall, love it!!

RELATABLE, FUNNY, AMAZING                                                         UNITED KINGDOM   


I needed this podcast in my life! This is my life! I find it so relatable and reassuring that Im not the only one going through crazy boy dramas/life troubles! Hilarious and amazing girls. I look forward to every episode!

❤️                                                                                                        UNITED KINGDOM


Loveliest girls, follow them on instagram too. They are so empowering! 5 star podcast.

GREAT ADVICE AND A GOOD LAUGH                                               UNITED KINGDOM


I came across this podcast on Instagram and I actual think it is a good listen for all girls out there ❤️ can’t wait to listen to more x

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