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Welcome to The Dump Him Podcast

Two twenty-something year old girls discussing all things modern day dating (those online apps yay!), knowing your self-worth and really when you should just dump him...or her...or them. 

New episodes will be released weekly on all media platforms but they are also available to listen to here for free on our website. 

We hope you enjoy listening and we love hearing back from our listeners so please do get in touch whether it be feedback or needing some of your own private help or advice.


Kitty James

Self-confessed serial dater living in London. Has had a few relationships but more dates than she can remember. Weirdly enjoys them and loves the first date nerves. Is a little cut-throat with guys and is known to dump them after the first thing that happens which falls below her moral line. Does believe in second chances but it can't be said she has given many. 

Kitty is well versed with dating apps having been on 7 different ones but has also frequently gone on dates with friends, friends of friends and strangers from the street. 

Francesca Coates

Dating-phobic PR girl living in London. Has had a few relationships... and many more situationships. Unlike Kitty, she ends up texting guys for months then cancelling dates last minute because she’s “just not feeling it”. Much more likely to be 6 Aperol Spritzes deep at a bar after work and ignoring Hinge notifications. 

Francesca is most comfortable giving advice to her friends but completely out of her depth describing her elusive “type”. That doesn’t stop her trying though.

We really appreciate the support and would be eternally grateful if you would consider subscribing to our YouTube channel or leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts. This allows us to continue recording podcasts and helping to empower other people to find their feet and not just sit and put up with being in a mediocre relationship!

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